Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Coming Soon!

Some of you know me as Tim. Some know me as Timmay! Some of you know me as Dark Helmet, your helmeted overlord, king of conspiracy theories and that elusive something known only as "the funny".

However you might know me, thank you for taking the time to visit this measly little blog. Here, I intend to post chapters of novels I'm working on, discuss the art of writing fiction, the business and economics of publishing, and occasionaly just rants or raves on whatever (this will be exceptionally minimal).

But mostly it will be about the writing. Wherever you come from, I will value your opinion and criticism. From those who might know a thing or two about the following subjects, I encourage you to leave comments anywhere you like as I'm always looking to learn from others: writing fiction, conspiracy theories, promotion, publishing, bittorrent, filesharing for fun and profit.

My next post will be the first chapter or so of my recently completed work entitled Echelon, a conspiracy theory thriller. While it currently under consideration for publishing by Baen, I hope to also release it via bittorrent shortly, once I've cleaned up the PDF so that it at least doesn't look like one of my dogs shat it out.

In any case, happy reading!

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Pat said...

You have a blog. I'm seriously forking over the ten bucks and buying you a Something Awful account because I think you'll find the writers corner pretty damn useful. You just better not get banned within the first week.