Friday, November 13, 2009

Attention Awesome Bloggy-Like Peoples...

I am stupid and need your help. Well, stupid when it comes to the intracacies of blogging, at least. Two things I would like to do that I need help with:

1. Making files available for direct download via this blog

2. Uploading my own original work to bittorent under a creative commons license

I don't know a whole lot about either of these (aside from the creative commons part, which I've already secured), so if there is anyone reading this that might be able to offer some insight I would truly appreciate it :)


Pat said... there you go. Hope that helps.

Jon Renaut said...

Try this quick tutorial from TorrentFreak. to create a torrent.

As for sharing files, I would recommend a Dropbox account. It's 2 free gigs of storage space that syncs automatically between computers you register to your account. I have a folder on my personal laptop that syncs with my work laptop. And you can have a public folder that you can share with anyone. You can get a direct link to any file in that folder, and you can share that on your blog. You can use my my referral link for Dropbox and we both get extra storage.