Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Digilife Update

I'm awful at this blogging thing. I've got so much else going on, particularly in the holiday season, that I've not kept up with this. Shame on me!

In any case, I know that there are some that read here that have either read parts of or been interested in Digilife, my latest work of fiction. The manuscript is currently out to a literary agency that requested it. Anyone who's done these types of submissions in the past knows how long this process can be and how often rejection comes calling, so I'm not getting my hopes completely up, but it is rewarding to know that some folks see enough value in my writing to not simply dismiss it out of hand.

Rejection and insults are something you learn to deal with, I guess. It's hard when you're putting a great deal of yourself in your work and someone doesn't like it or, worse, goes out of their way to trash your attempt. I had a lively discussion recently with someone who read part of Echelon, a book I wrote roughly 3-4 years ago, and intimated that it read like fan fiction.

Ouch. Well, who knows, maybe she's right. Maybe she's wrong. Maybe, in my admittedly still young writing "career", maybe the answer is somewhere in between. I can't fault people for their opinions, and I do my best not to take things personally. Instead, I try to use such criticism as motivation. Hopefully that's a good thing....